Frequently Asked Questions


How long are your sets? Can we boogie until the sun comes up?

We usually provide 3 x 40m sets, which lasts about 2h30m with the two intervals. During the intervals we play recorded music through the PA. If this doesn’t sound exactly right for your event, we can tailor it to suit.

We read that you provide a ‘continuous, uninterrupted supply’ of music. We love the sound of that, but can you explain how it works?

Each of our sets is filled with neat segues, so the songs transition smoothly from one to the next, and the dance floor keeps moving. Hire us for your party and you’ll hear Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” morph seamlessly into Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. While you’re still dancing on the floor to “Billie Jean”, we’ll “Sing It Back” with Moloko, before you’ve even noticed.

Do you do requests?

If there are any special songs which you’d like us to play, then we’d be happy to oblige as long as we’re given adequate time to faithfully reproduce your favourite sing-along! We’re commonly asked to learn a “first dance” for weddings, previous examples including Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On”

What happens when you’re not performing? Can we play some music through your speakers?

We’re more than happy for you to use our PA system to play your own music before and after we perform, as well as between our sets if you’d like. Just let us know what source you’ll be using and we’ll make sure we have the correct cable! Alternatively, we can provide music from an mp3 player for this purpose.

We’d like to make an announcement to our guests, can we use your microphone?

Absolutely! You’re free to use our on stage microphones at any time before and after our performance.

Do you offer any other musical services such as background jazz for during our meal?

Yes. Our musicians also have many years’ experience playing in small jazz groups and we can provide from a solo pianist to a quintet in addition to the main band.

Do you know a good venue in the centre of Cambridge?

We whole-heartedly recommend Hidden Rooms on Jesus Lane. We’ve been their house band since the summer of 2011: they’re wonderfully kind people who will help to make your event run smoothly and ensure that you and your guests have the most enjoyable time possible.

The Technical Bits

What equipment do we need to provide?

We bring all of the equipment necessary for a small to medium size venue (see equipment list below). This includes a PA system, backline and a basic lighting rig. If the venue calls for a larger set up, then we can reinforce our equipment to suit. If you provide us with some information about your venue such as its rough dimensions and capacity, then we can advise on the equipment needed. All we require is two separate 230V mains feeds in our performance area.

How much space do you need?

As a nine piece band, we ask for an area approximately 7m by 4m to set up in. We’ve fitted in much smaller spaces but it does get quite cramped! Note that we do not provide staging, so we’ll be standing on the floor unless you require otherwise.

Do you have any other requirements?

Just a plentiful supply of water to keep us alive!

On the Day

How long does it take you to set up?

In general, once our kit is on the stage it takes us around an hour to set up. The time it takes to get the kit to the stage varies a lot between venues – the closer we can park to the stage the better!

What time will you come to set up?

We like to have our set up finished a minimum of one hour before your guests arrive at the venue. This allows an adequate buffer to accommodate any issues. We can work around any other timing requirements which you may have.

What will you be wearing whilst playing?

This varies depending on the nature of the event. For formal functions, we like to wear black tie as this gives the most professional appearance. However at other functions, a more relaxed dress sense is more appropriate. We will ask your opinion on a suitable dress code during the booking process.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

As the service we offer is so adaptable, it’s difficult to state a price which would cover the majority of functions. We ask that you contact us to discuss your requirements and then we can provide a quote for our services.

Do you have insurance?

We are fully covered for public liability. This is a requirement of most of the venues we perform at.

Equipment List


Our equipment for a standard gig includes:

  • 2 x Mackie SRM450 active full range loudspeakers
  • 2 x Laney CXP-112 active monitors
  • 1 x Mackie 1642 VLZ3 mixing desk
  • 1 x Shure Beta 58A vocal microphone
  • 9 x Red5Audio microphones
  • 3 x Ultra-DI DI boxes
  • 2 x 153 LED PAR64 lamps
  • 4 x PAR46 coloured lamps
  • Musical instruments


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