The Band

Live and Let Funk are a nine-piece function band who deliver a friendly and professional performance featuring a wide range of music spanning several decades. Our members have been playing together in various projects for several years and their musical experience makes them some of the most sought after musicians in their area. The non-stop, floor-filling sets we play can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and are ideal for weddings, corporate functions, university balls, private parties and similar events.

The band’s lineage can be traced back through many generations of similar groups that formed and dissolved in the Cambridge music scene. When the plan was hatched to begin a new project, it was clear that this time a unique approach was needed: something to separate this outfit from the usual suits. The most important thing a funk band does is get people on the dance floor, so a set of arrangements would be tailored to create an uninterrupted musical supply that could keep them there. Like a DJ can beat-match and mix songs, seamlessly blending the groove from Nirvana into Daft Punk, so a group of live musicians would go one better and create non-stop dance odysseys of classic funk, soul, rock, disco, R&B and whatever else shuffled out of their jukebox. No more would the party be left standing while set-lists were scrutinised, sheets of music sifted, or tempos debated. Once the beat begins, it’s a non-stop trip to Funk City.

Some bands like to say they’re the best at what they do. We know the music does the real talking, so we just Live and Let Funk.

The Musicians

Below you’ll find the musicians who make up our regular line up, along with links to some of their websites and Youtube channels in case you want to check out what they get up to when they’re not Live and Let Funking. There are a number of musicians who sometimes guest with us or stand in when a regular player is busy, so you can look them up too.


Phoebe Cornell – Lead Vocals

Dave Robinson – Alto/Tenor Saxophone

Steph Green – Baritone/Alto Saxophone

Matt Letts – Trumpet

Vij Prakash – Trombone

Will Buchanan – Guitar

Tom Green – Keyboards

Steve Raffe – Bassist

Scott Jowett/Myles Eastwood – Drum kit


Some of our friends:

James Brady – Trumpet

Stephanie Dyer – Trombone

Alastair Penman – Saxophone

Tom O’Grady – Keyboards

Ric Elsworth – Drum kit/Percussion

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The ultimate funk, soul, pop & disco party band. Based in Cambridge, we specialise in weddings, birthdays and corporate functions.